Kim Jong-un Only Chooses Beautiful Women for North Korean Traffic Police

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un / AP
December 16, 2016

Pyongyang's traffic police are held to high standards by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who personally chooses only the most tall and beautiful women to patrol traffic in the city.

The highly-esteemed positions are competitive, and each applicant must meet specific physical requirements, the International Business Times reported Friday.

The women must be attractive and healthy, at least 5 feet 4 inches tall, between the ages of 16 and 26, and unmarried. But it's not just about the looks for Kim; he requires that all candidates graduate from high school, the Business Times noted.

Pyongyang's alluring traffic officers have amassed a cult following. The fan website,, provides the women's dedicated followers with pictures, videos, and the Pyongyang Traffic Girl of the Month. Fans are also able to buy a Pyongyang Traffic Girl Barbie doll or custom-made calendar featuring the women off of the site.

The website highlights the appeal of being a Pyongyang traffic officer, noting their higher pay and status compared to other citizens. The women are purportedly provided 300 more grams of food per day compared to the average citizen's 500 grams, receive free housing and health care, and are given preference for post-graduate studies and other careers after their contracts have ended, according the website. Their monthly pay reportedly comes to around 3,500 North Korean won, which translates to $30.

"Many inside sources report that the PTGs are highly desired by the DPRK's male population because of their beauty and high status, and competition for their affection is said to be fierce," the website reads.

On around 50 posts throughout the city, Pyongyang's residents will see the officers under lit-up umbrellaed podiums wearing various uniforms depending on the time of year.

They have recently been seen wearing boots and army-style fur hats with blue double-breasted jackets, the Business Times reported.

It is rumored that Kim Jong-un has given the traffic officers such a high status because he was saved by one in a "mysterious incident" three years ago. The female officer received a Hero of the Republic award. North Korean officials have not said whether the rumors are true.