Kerry Doubles Down On Using ‘Violent Extremism’ Instead Of ‘Radical Islam’

• January 23, 2015 1:54 pm


Secretary of State John Kerry pushed once more that the use of any term other than the White House's politically correct "violent extremism" could enrage the extremists that America is fighting.

Kerry referred to the terrorists as "nothing more than a form of criminal anarchy–nihilism, which illegitimately claims an ideological and religious foundation."

Kerry said it is not appropriate to use terminology referring to Islam because the terrorists are ignorant individuals with ulterior motives that distort the religion. The secretary of state suggested that "the biggest error we could make" would be to "vilify a potential partner." The Obama administration insinuated that using any other terminology suggests that the blame is placed on all Muslims, and only Muslims.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress say that is not the case. The use of "radical Islam" refers to a small sect of the religion which has engaged in terrorism and does not represent the whole population of Muslims, nor does it place blame on the philosophy of the religion itself.

The Obama administration's appeasement has only gotten bolder amid increasing criticism from both sides of the aisle.

"Unless we focus our energies in the right direction, we may fuel the very fires we wish to put out," Kerry said.

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