Keane: Iraq Needs Hundreds of Missiles from U.S. to Make a Difference

Ret. Gen. Jack Keane discussed the need for the U.S. to provide the Iraqi government more weapons and equipment to stop the terrorist organization that threatens to topple the country on America's Newsroom Monday.

The U.S. has rushed 75 Hellfire missiles to the Iraqi government as it battles ISIL for control of the northern city of Tikrit, Saddam Hussein's hometown, but Keane said that was not nearly enough.

"75 is better than nothing, but they actually need hundreds of missiles to be able to make a difference," he said. "They are so frustrated with our foreign military sales … Our bureaucracy in proving them the equipment they desperately need has been shameful, to say the least."

Keane said it would be "tough" for the Iraqi government to launch a successful counteroffensive to take back cities already seized by ISIL, but that it would be possible with sturdy air support and reconnaissance.

"We need air support and a ground campaign working together and that's usually a proven success story," he said.