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Israeli Spokesman: What Would Your Government Do If Faced With Armed Terrorists and Rockets ‘Raining Down At Your Cities?’

Israeli spokesman Mark Regev sharply hit back at former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's critical comments about Israel Tuesday on The Situation Room, asking repeatedly "what would your government do" if faced with armed terrorists and rockets "raining down at your cities."

Albright said earlier on CNN that Israel was "overdoing it" with its military response to Hamas in Gaza and hurting its own "moral authority."

Regev said he did agree with Albright's comment that Israel had, in fact, accepted a ceasefire earlier in the conflict, but he then pointed out that the conflict continued because Hamas had rejected that agreement.

"Hamas wants this conflict to continue and they are paying a price because of that," Regev said. "If anyone says Israel's overreacting, I'd say what would you do? What would your government do with more than 2,000 rockets raining down at your cities fired by terrorists? What would your government do if terrorists were coming across the frontier in these tunnels with explosives and automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades to kill and maim people? What would your government do if these missiles attacks were threatening to close down your main transport facilities? If you look at our response, it's been measured and it's been proportionate."