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Israel Shuts Down Al Jazeera for Inciting Violence

Al Jazeera
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed authorities to shut down Arabic broadcasting outlet Al Jazeera’s Jerusalem-based office following allegations that the network is fomenting violence.

Netanyahu announced Wednesday that he had told Israeli law enforcement to shut down al Jazeera’s offices for "fomenting violence over the Temple Mount," the Jerusalem-based holy site that has been the scene of Palestinian violence in recent days.

The announcement comes as nations across the region move to shutdown al Jazeera facilities due to the Qatari-funded network’s longstanding efforts to promote violence and terrorism against Israel, Jews, and Arabs.

Tensions have been rising in Jerusalem over increased security screening on the Temple Mount following a terror attack by Palestinian militants. The increased security methods, which are a staple at other Muslim holy sites across the region, sparked claims that Israel was inappropriately encroaching on the holy site.

Palestinians have since been rioting across Jerusalem, with some engaging in terror acts that have killed Israeli civilians.

The Trump administration is working to ease tensions between the sides and sent top White House adviser Jason Greenblatt to the region earlier this week in a bid to end the violence.