Iran Supreme Leader: Middle East Peace Deal Dead on Arrival

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei
Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei / Getty Images
February 5, 2020

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei blasted the Trump administration's newly unveiled Middle East peace plan, urging Palestinian to rise in violent jihad against Israel.

In wide-ranging remarks Wednesday in Iran, Khamenei slammed the peace proposal as a "sign of viciousness." He said the terrorism against Israel is the only way to "force out the Zionist enemy and the U.S."

"You saw that the U.S. bullies and hooligans unveiled the plan of the so-called deal of the century," Khamenei said in remarks carried by the country's state-controlled press. "They have wishfully chosen a big name for it so that it may be realized, but this plan is stupid, is a sign of viciousness, and has been detrimental to them since day one."

"The American plot of the deal of the century will die before Trump dies," the Iranian leader said.

Khamenei's remarks came ahead of a scheduled meeting between Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Violence is the only response to the peace plan, Khamenei said. He also called Arab nations who have expressed support for the proposal "traitorous."

"They will try to further their plot with bribes, weapons, and enticements," Khamenei said. "What's the remedy? It is bold resistance by the Palestinian nation and groups in order to force out the Zionist enemy and the U.S. through Jihad. All Muslim nations and the world of Islam must support them too."

"This plan is indicative of the U.S.'s viciousness and manipulation," Khamenei said. "They have come to negotiate with the Zionists over what belongs to the Palestinians! Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. Who are you to make a decision on it?"

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