IDF Expects Headquarters to Be Targeted in Next War

Multiple scenarios envisioned for next war including attacks on kindergartens

Israel Defense Force (IDF) Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said on Tuesday that long-range missiles would target IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv in the next war.

Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz gave a number of examples of how the next war involving Israel could start, including a massive cyber attacks, a series of ambushes and kidnappings of IDF soldiers, and a tunnel rigged with explosives detonated under a kindergarten. Israel Hayom reports:

He said one scenario could involve an IDF patrol vehicle driving over a hidden roadside bomb in the Golan Heights. The first vehicle to respond would then be hit by an anti-tank missile, and three soldiers, including a battalion commander, would be abducted in the attack, which could be carried out by one of the many global jihad groups or other hostile organizations, Gantz noted.

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"This future terrorist organization — be it a familiar one or not — could immediately spark an engagement on multiple fronts," Gantz said. "Following the Israeli response, Hezbollah could begin firing salvos of rockets at communities in the Galilee, while simultaneously sending forces to attempt to infiltrate towns in the Golan Heights. The accuracy of Hezbollah's missiles will be much higher [than in the 2006 Second Lebanon War], and now if Hezbollah wants to hit a specific target anywhere in Israel, it will know how to do it. Rocket attacks on Eilat could be carried out by terror groups working with Hezbollah. At the same time, hundreds of Hamas activists could rush the Erez crossing or toward the IDF's northern Gaza brigade … Sounds like fiction? I am not so sure."

Gantz provided an even grimmer example: "A tunnel rigged with explosives that detonates under a kindergarten, or an assault on a community near the fence. The attack could be combined with any of these, and there are many more possibilities that come to mind."