Hicks: ‘This Is the First Time in My Career that a Diplomat Has More Balls than Somebody in the Military’

Gregory Hicks quotes general to describe reaction of military personnel in Tripoli being told to stand down

Deputy Chief to the U.S. Embassy in Libya Gregory Hicks described the reaction of U.S. military personnel in Tripoli being told to stand down and not embark on a rescue mission the night of the Benghazi attack Wednesday in the OGR Benghazi hearing:

JASON CHAFFETZ: Were any of these U.S. military personnel not permitted to travel on a rescue mission or relief mission to Benghazi?

GREGORY HICKS: They were not authorized to travel.

JASON CHAFFETZ: What happened with those personnel?

GREGORY HICKS: They remained in Tripoli with us. The medic went with the nurse to the hospital and his skills to the treatment of and care of our wounded.

JASON CHAFFETZ: How did the personnel reacted to be told to stand down?

GREGORY HICKS: They were furious. I can only say, well I will quote Lieutenant Colonel Gibson — he said "this is the first time in my career that a diplomat has more balls than somebody in the military."