Harrington: Obama ‘Gave Away the Entire Store’ to Iran for Nothing

• May 8, 2018 1:39 pm


Washington Free Beacon reporter Elizabeth Harrington said on Tuesday that former President Barack Obama "gave away the entire store" to Iran and received nothing in return when he negotiated the Iranian nuclear deal.

"I don't think Trump wants just to deal just for the sake of the deal like Obama did, which basically gave away the entire store with Iran for nothing, just so they could say they got a deal," Harrington said during a discussion on Fox Business. "They sacrificed a lot to get that."

President Donald Trump is scheduled to make an announcement on Tuesday about whether the United States will remain in or withdraw from the deal.

The New York Times reports Trump has told French President Emmanuel Macron that he plans to announce a U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

Harrington said Trump is doing what he promised from day one, which was to rip up the deal.

"He is doing what he said he wanted to do from day one, which was to tear up the Iran deal. This is a big step. And it is happening because he brought in Pompeo from CIA to lead the State Department, and he brought in John Bolton," Harrington said. "Both are really hawkish on Iran. So I wouldn't necessarily rule out sanctions in the future because he has a team around him that agree with him that they need to project strength against Iran."

Under the deal struck in 2015, Iran took steps to curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. Trump and other critics of the deal have argued its provisions on inspections of Iranian nuclear sites are not strict enough. They argue the agreement needs to include additional limitations on Iran's ballistic missile program and it needs to extend key restrictions set to expire in about a decade.

"I don't think Trump cares as much just to get a deal if it's a bad one," Harrington added.

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