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Graham: ‘This Is Not A Cartoon Problem’

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) appeared on syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt's show today to condemn the terror attacks in Paris. He hammered President Obama's tepid response to the massacre and said Obama "is undercutting the president of Egypt" in his efforts to root out radical Islam.

I think the President of the United States is undercutting the president of Egypt. We’re in a religious war. These are not terrorists. They’re radical Islamists who are trying to replace our way of life with their way of life. Their way of life is motivated by religious teachings that require me and you to be killed, or enslaved, or converted. The President of the United States tip-toes around the threats we face, and he is trying to diminish the religious aspect of this war. Why? I don’t know. And he is not engaging the enemy in an aggressive fashion, which makes it more likely we’ll get attacked. What he’s doing is pretending to want to destroy ISIL when in fact, he’s trying to get out of office without having to commit American ground forces to do the job as part of a team in the region, because he made a campaign promise. His campaign promises, Hugh, are getting a lot of people killed.

When Hewitt asked Graham if the elite media might finally wake up to the threat of radical Islam after today's slaughter of 12 journalists, the senator said he hoped so, "because this is not a cartoon problem."

I hope so, because this is not a cartoon problem. Our way of life doesn’t fit into their scheme of how the world should be. If you stopped talked about radical Islam, if you never did a cartoon again, that’s not enough. What people need to get is they can’t be accommodated. They can’t be negotiated with. They have to be eventually destroyed. And the way you destroy them over time is to have the people within the religion turn on them, have the capability to keep them at bay within the countries where they exist.

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