Gates: Iran, Russia, China Likely Compromised Hillary Clinton’s Server

Former SecDef says odds of breach are ‘pretty high’

Hillary Rodham Clinton
January 22, 2016

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday that Iran, Russia, and China likely compromised the personal server that Hillary Clinton used to conduct State Department business.

Speaking to radio host Hugh Hewitt Thursday night, Gates agreed when asked whether the Iranians, Russians, and Chinese "almost certainly" had access to Clinton’s server, which a recent review by multiple intelligence agencies concluded contained "several dozen" classified emails.

"Given the fact that the Pentagon acknowledges that they get attacked about a hundred thousand times a day, I think the odds are pretty high," Gates stated, according to audio captured by America Rising.

Hewitt noted that Michael Morell, the former deputy director of the CIA, also agreed with that assertion during a previous interview.

Gates further stated that he is unsure as to whether Clinton’s email setup would have compromised national security if any of these countries had "real-time" access to her server because he has not reviewed the emails.

"It would depend entirely on what she put on there and I haven’t read any of these emails, so I don’t know what was on the server," Gates, who served as defense secretary between 2006 and 2011, stated.

According to a recent letter from the inspector general of the intelligence community to top lawmakers who oversee the intelligence community and the State Department, the review found that "several dozen" of Clinton’s emails were classified, some of them containing intelligence from the government’s most secret "special access programs" (SAP). This intelligence has a higher classification than "top secret" information. The letter sent by I. Charles McCullough III was first reported by Fox News.

Gates indicated that he was "concerned" by the new reports, which Clinton’s presidential campaign has dismissed as part of a partisan effort to damage the Democratic candidate. Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon on Wednesday accused McCullough, an Obama nominee, of coordinating with Republicans to hurt Clinton.

Clinton herself has said that the new revelations change nothing.