National Security

Hillary Clinton: New Email Revelations Change Nothing


During an interview with NPR‘s Ari Shapiro posted Wednesday, Hillary Clinton was asked about the findings from the Inspector General that there were emails on Clinton's private server that were at a classification level higher than "top secret."

Clinton dodged the subject and blamed an inter-agency dispute on the subject.

Clinton continued with her talking point that the State Department has confirmed that Clinton never received nor sent any material marked classified. She added that she was going to leave it up to the Justice Department.

"Nothing that this (the letter) says changes the fact that I never sent or received material marked classified," Clinton said.

Clinton also said that the letter was an effort to keep the controversy surrounding her private server relevant and a part of the election. She called the letter a leak.

Shapiro asked Clinton if the classification above "top secret" was applied after she received the emails. Clinton said that it was difficult to know because the inspector general was looking at a forwarded New York Times article on the once-classified drone program.

"(It) strikes me as somewhat strange that there would be a — an effort by those who are leaking this — and obviously, that's what's happening — to try to raise concerns and doubts about information in the public sector," Clinton said.

Clinton joked that she had received multiple forwarded New York Times articles to her personal email account.