Former N.C. Dem staffer sues party, chairman

A former staffer for the North Carolina Democratic Party has filed suit against the party and the party chairman, David Parker, for defamation and a violation of a confidentiality agreement, reports WSOC in Charlotte:

ANCHOR: The man who used to work for North Carolina’s Democratic Party is now suing it. Adriadn Ortega says the party’s chairman, David Parker, defamed him during a press conference in April. He also says Parker violated a confidentiality agreement by talking about sexual harassment allegations Ortega made against Jay Parmley, who is the former executive director.

KIERAN SHANAHAN: They were willing to throw my client under the bus for Mr. Parker to protect himself as chairman of the Democratic Party and to protect the reputation of Democratic Party.

ANCHOR: Ortega’s lawyer told us he wants a public apology so his client’s good name is restored. Political experts also told us this lawsuit could further damage North Carolina’s reputation ahead of the Democratic Convention.

Parmley, the former executive director of the party, resigned in April, after sexual harassment allegations.

Gov. Bev Purdue (D) called for Parker to resign in April as well.

The Democratic National Convention will be held in Charlotte, N.C. in September.