Forbes Slams Obama Foreign Policy Failures

Forbes: 'We are looking around the globe seeing one foreign policy failure after another'

Rep. Randy Forbes (R., Va.) had harsh words for the Obama administration, rebuking them for their repeated foreign policy failures.

The Obama Administration has made a mockery of our nation’s foreign policy, he said. "We are looking around the globe seeing one foreign policy failure after another." The administration has failed to properly handle the Ukraine/Russia situation, Iran is eager to have their sanctions pulled off, and North Koreans want to have our land mines pulled up. Forbes likened the President’s trip to Asia to his failed Obamacare promises, summing it up as a demonstration of ineptitude.

The Virginia representative also expressed his grief over the three American doctors shot dead in an Afghan hospital Thursday morning, but said that sadly, this type of incident is not unpredictable. Forbes argued the Obama Administration showed poor judgment earlier this year when they announced a troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. A statement released by White House about the withdrawal was specific, saying that "the United States should not keep any troops in Afghanistan after 2014." Such lack of prudence and the public announcement of those private details critically threaten the security of the United States and spur incidents like Thursday’s murder of the doctors, Forbes explained.

Troop withdrawal will also give way for the incitement of more violence in Afghanistan. Presence of American troops gave Afghanis a sense of security. Hopeful Afghanis risked their lives to vote in their presidential election. "They [the Afghanis] came out [to vote] because we [the United States] told them about these principles of freedom. They put their lives on the line and now we are turning our back on them and walking away. We are doing that to our allies all over the globe today," Forbes explained.