Farrakhan's Son Hasn’t Worked Police Shift in Four Years

Louis and Mustapha Farrakhan / AP

The son of controversial Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan is a part-time police officer in Harvey, Ill. However, he has not worked a shift in more than four years, reports the Chicago Sun-Times:

[Mustapha] Farrakhan, 52, certainly has a police badge from the crime-plagued south suburb.

He drives an unmarked Harvey Police squad car, complete with flashing police lights, and parks it outside his home at night.

And he’s been registered with the state as a gun-carrying Harvey cop since 2006.

But he hasn’t worked a single shift in more than four years, according to state records. If he’s ever made an arrest, Harvey’s police chief is unwilling to discuss it.

Allegedly, Farrakhan uses his squad car to "stop traffic and escorts his father’s unofficial motorcade."

The Harvey Police Chief released a statement supporting Farrakhan saying:

Officer Farrakhan assists the Police Department with community relations, in its quest to strengthen ties between police and the community.

Farrakhan, known as the "Supreme Captain" of the Nation of Islam, is the potential successor to his 79-year-old father.

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