Duterte Promotes 'Dead or Alive' Bounties of $40K

August 9, 2017

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced on Wednesday that his government will be putting bounties for two million pesos ($40,000 USD) for certain policemen, "dead or alive."

Some policemen in the Philippines have been accused of working with drug traffickers, and those officers are apparently Duterte's target as part of his nationwide bloody crackdown on drugs.

Duterte was speaking at National Police headquarters when he said he preferred these officers were brought in dead, AFP reports. Duterte promised to pardon anyone who would be convicted of murder for killing an outlaw officer.

Duterte then told those in attendance that he would cut his speech short so they could begin.

"I'll cut short my speech so that you'll have a chance for a crack at the two million for those idiots of your men," Duterte said.

Some fear that this could spark mass police-on-police killings in the country that is also dealing with an ISIS presence. Duterte has repeatedly expressed hostility toward the United States, but the country has asked for help in dealing with the terrorist threat.

The focus on police officers would be part of a larger crackdown on those alleged to be either trafficking or using drugs. Many civilians have been killed extrajudicially in the streets as part of the crackdown, with much endorsement from Duterte.

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