Dennis Rodman Gives Trump’s ‘Art of the Deal’ to Kim Jong-un as Present

Dennis Rodman, left, and North Korea's sports minister / Twitter
• June 15, 2017 11:01 am


Former NBA player Dennis Rodman hand delivered President Trump's best selling book, The Art of the Deal, to North Korea's sports minister as a present intended for North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Rodman, who appeared on two seasons of Trump's reality television show "Celebrity Apprentice," landed in Pyongyang on Tuesday for at least his fourth visit to North Korea. On Thursday, he handed North Korean Sports Minister Kim Il Guk an unsigned copy of Trump's most famous book, according to the Associated Press.

Rodman also presented Kim Jong-un with a copy of "Where's Waldo? The Totally Essential Travel Collection," a mermaid puzzle, two sets of soap, and two autographed jerseys.

Since arriving in North Korea, Rodman has been catching up with old friends, visiting local sites, and hanging out with the country's young basketball players.

"In the past, our respected supreme leader met you several times and he used his precious time to watch the basketball match with the players you brought here. In the past he met you, so our people all know you well," Kim Il Guk told Rodman."And also we feel that you are an old friend."

The NBA player met with North Korean Olympic athletes, most notably judo gold medalist An Kum Ae.

"All of you guys should be proud of yourselves, because, you know, a lot of people don't give you guys credit, because this is such a small country, and not many people from North Korea can compete around the world," Rodman told the athletes. "But for you guys to come back here in your country, with a medal, that says a lot about North Korea, because people don't really take North Korea so seriously about sports or anything like that."

Rodman has maintained that his visit has nothing to do with the White House.