Congressman: Putin ‘Criminally Negligent’

Representative Pete King (R., N.Y.) told MSNBC's Morning Joe that Putin "is at least criminally negligent" in the case of the Malaysian commercial flight struck down by a missile in Ukraine.

"As far as being protected against missile attacks like this, to me Russia has to bear the responsibility. We can't be arming and equipping every passenger flight in the world. It would be impossible," King noted.

"This is not just an accident. This isn't just something that happened," said King.

King called for "more leadership from the president", criticizing President Obama's light-hearted speech in Delaware Thursday, which he then followed with fundraising in New York.

"I think its important for the president to really come out today and show that he is the world leader and line up European economic sanctions against Russia. I think we should even consider the idea of even at least temporarily suspended landing rights for air flights in our airports, in Europe and any other other allies we have around the world."