CNN Host Becomes Irate at Former Navy SEAL for Dismissing Trump-Russia Reports

CNN host Kate Bolduan became irate at former Navy SEAL and Donald Trump supporter Carl Higbie on Tuesday after he dismissed reports that alleged the president shared classified information with Russian diplomats in the Oval Office last week.

Bolduan acknowledged Higbie had dealt with highly classified information in the past and asked if it scared him that Trump would share classified information with top Russian officials.

"I've been sitting here quietly listening to all this BS quite frankly. Did you listen to anything [White House National Security Adviser H.R.] McMaster said today?" Higbie asked Bolduan and the rest of the CNN panel. "Where he said, 'I was in the room, that didn't happen?'"

Higbie was referring to remarks made by McMaster, who claimed that the president's decision to share sensitive intelligence with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak was "wholly appropriate" to the conversation they were having.

The former Navy SEAL and outspoken Trump supporter then dismissed the press stories on the intelligence disclosures, suggesting that he will not take them seriously until media outlets name their anonymous sources.

"You're basing all of these allegations off of one or maybe two sources," said Higbie, who referenced a CNN story that cited two anonymous former officials "knowledgable of the situation."

"Two former officials? Come out, name those people, then we'll have something to talk about," Higbie said.

Bolduan responded that CNN protects its sources before noting that several other outlets–including the Washington Post, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal–have also reported the story with their sources.

Higbie then said the sources "were hiding in anonymity," leading Bolduan to become visibly upset and start shouting.

"Please! Do not even start with me, that you're just going to attack sources. That is ridiculous," Bolduan interjected.

"So you're saying McMaster is lying," Higbie shot back.

"I'm not saying McMaster is lying. He didn't answer the question," Bolduan said. "We have anonymous sources, we protect them for real reasons, so the information that is important to the public can get out."