Chris Jansing gives CAF a shout-out

'They've gone after Jeffrey Katzenberg and former Gov. Jon Corzine'

JANSING: There is this big headline in Politico today about the people who are funding groups like yours, and it says, "Why is everyone picking on us?" referring to the mega-donors that support the super PACs. We've been seeing a lot of them. One they name is Frank VanderSloot who's an Idaho businessman who gave $1 million. He’s pushing back a little bit, because you know, the records have been scrutinized. Are you worried the money is going to stop coming in as some of these mega-donors see that suddenly it's all becoming very, very public?

COLLEGIO: There's certainly an effort underfoot by the left, by the Obama campaign, by the groups on the left to embarrass conservative donors. And what they did with Mr. VanderSloot is they actually had private investigators—this is a donor to the Romney campaign—they actually had, someone looking into his divorce records.

JANSING: To be fair, the conservative Center for American Freedom has also been going after some liberal donors. They've gone after Jeffrey Katzenberg and former Gov. Jon Corzine. So it’s working both ways, isn’t it?

COLLEGIO: I don’t about those cases, but I know there's definitely an effort to try to intimidate donors. And that's why a lot of them—a donor really has to make the decision whether or not they want to be cast into the limelight. Many of them don't. In 2010, our biggest donor had a front-page profile of him on the front page of the New York Times and there are a lot donors who are not interested in that kind of exposure. They just want to give to the process; they want to work for change; they see an opportunity to change the direction of the country in 2012, and that’s why they’re giving to groups like Crossroads.

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