CBS Cuts Off Clinton to End Interview After She Says Europe Hasn’t ‘Come to Grips’ with ISIS Threat

March 22, 2016

CBS abruptly ended an interview with Hillary Clinton on Tuesday to cut to a commercial break as she was discussing the threat the Islamic State poses to Europe and her plan to defeat the jihadist group.

Clinton appeared on CBS to discuss the brutal terrorist attacks Tuesday in Brussels, Belgium, which is believed to have been carried out by ISIS. No one has officially claimed responsibility for the attacks, however.

Co-host Anthony Mason asked Clinton a few minutes into the interview how she would define defeating ISIS and whether she believes Europe has a handle on the terror threat it faces.

"I don’t know that Europe has yet fully come to grips with the threat that ISIS poses," Clinton said. "And remember, there are other groups that are ISIS-like that are intent upon radical jihadist terrorist attacks."

Europe’s collective Schengen system, which allows total freedom of movement between many European Union member countries, has come under increased scrutiny in recent months since the Nov. 13 Paris attacks carried out last year by ISIS. There have since been growing calls for Europe to take security more seriously to address the threat of potential terror attacks, most notably from ISIS.

The Democratic presidential frontrunner then turned to her plan to defeat ISIS before being suddenly cut off.

"So we’ve got to defeat ISIS, and that means being in very close cooperation–"

"Secretary Clinton, I’m so sorry," co-host Gayle King interjected. "We’re going to have to leave you now. Thank you for joining us."

The show immediately went to commercial break before King or Clinton could say anything else.