Australia Raises Their Terrorism Threat Level

IS fighters marching in Syria / AP

Just ten days after the U.K. raised their country’s terrorism threat alert level; Australia raised their threat level to their second-most severe Friday.

The growing ISIL threat prompted Prime Minister Tony Abbott to increase from "medium" to "high" after recommendation from the Australian Security Intelligence Organization.

"I want to stress that this does not mean that a terror attack is imminent," Abbott told reporters. "We have no specific intelligence of particular plots.

"What we do have is intelligence that there are people with the intent and the capability to mount attacks."

It is the first time that the threat level has been elevated above medium since the scale was introduced in 2003.

Australia estimates at least 60 citizens have joined ISIL or other al-Qaeda offshoots. This is has prompted the country to introduce tougher counterterrorism laws and increase intelligence and protection spending later this month.