A Rush to Print

Rush Limbaugh says Washington Post Reporter Lies About His Advertisers

Update: Alexandra Petri apologized to Rush Limbaugh in a post Thursday afternoon and said the previous post contained incorrect information about AshleyMadison.com and SeekingArrangement.com.

Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri, whose commentary page claims to put "the ‘pun’ in punditry," lied Wednesday in her column regarding Rush Limbaugh’s new advertisers, Limbaugh said today.

In a piece entitled, "Rush Limbaugh’s Show Targets Jerks, Judging From the Latest Ads," Petri wrote, "But AshleyMadison, the Web site for people seeking extramarital affairs, and SeekingArrangement.com, which is, as Politico reported, the self-proclaimed ‘world’s largest sugar daddy and sugar baby dating website’ — they’re now both firmly on board. Some rats run onto sinking ships."

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The column continues: "Who listens to Rush? we ask. People who would like extramarital sex right now, please, or are eager to exchange money for sex, advertisers answer."

Politico never reported that SeekingArrangement.com or AshleyMadison.com had purchased ads on the Rush Limbaugh syndicated radio program, only that SeekingArrangement.com had submitted a proposal and AshleyMadison.com was interested in advertising. During his Thursday show, Limbaugh called Petri’s comments "patently false" and "an out-and-out lie."

Petri told the Free Beacon, "If there is something inaccurate in my piece, then I will correct it."

She would not say when this potential retraction might be posted.