A Fate Worse than Gitmo

Terrorists caught by the United States are being released into the custody of their native countries, which, more often than not, put them in prisons with hellish conditions. There, prisoners face a fate worse than any stint in the American-operated Guantanamo Bay detention facility.

Newsweek reporter Eli Lake reveals that in Somalia terrorists are being held in Bosaso Central Prison, a dungeon that "could make even the most dedicated insurgent regret ever getting into the terrorism business."

Lake reports on the living conditions of imprisoned Somali terrorists:

Many inmates don’t have shoes, and instead of uniforms, they wear filthy T-shirts and ankle-length garments wrapped around their waists that resemble sarongs (called ma-awis in Somali). When I visited earlier this year, the warden, Shura Sayeed Mohammed, told me he had 393 prisoners in a place designed to hold no more than 300. He said that since 2009, he had received 16 inmates captured by Americans.

Pentagon spokesman James Gregory wouldn’t confirm the number of prisoners the U.S. has sent to Bosaso, only that it has handed over prisoners, "back over to where they came from." He said the U.S. is "returning them to their government, and their government takes them."