2021 Men of the Year: Michael Avenatti’s Prison Guards

• December 29, 2021 4:00 pm


In almost every instance, kicking a man when he's down is total bitch move. Unless the down man is Michael Avenatti, in which case kicking is the only honorable course of action.

According to a Politico profile of the convicted felon, the guards patrolling the 10 South block of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan did the honorable thing when the disgraced porn lawyer requested some reading material. They brought him The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump, one of the best-selling books of all time next to the King James Bible.

We commend these guards for their simple yet flawless act of trolling. Almost flawless, anyway. We might have suggested a signed copy with a personalized note from the author, such as: "Lyin' Mike, I heard they locked you up. Let's talk about a pardon when I'm president again. Love, Donald." In any event, we are proud to honor these cheeky correctional officers as Washington Free Beacon Men of the Year.

The only people more deserving of public humiliation than Avenatti are the Democrats, journalists, and other deranged libs who fell head over heels for his blatant con. Whereas most normal, well-adjusted Americans saw a relentless grifter willing to do anything for free publicity, members of the media were enthralled by his charisma. To them, Avenatti was the "savior of the republic," the guest of honor on the Hamptons cocktail party circuit, the star of their sexual fantasies, the frontrunner to win the Democratic nomination in 2020.

The rest, as they say, is history. The libs will never be held accountable, and it's only a matter of time before it happens again. In the meantime, we should take the time to appreciate Avenatti's prison guards and other everyday heroes for doing their part, however small, to own the libs.