2021 Man Of The Year: Keith Gill

Keith Gill / Getty Images
December 31, 2021

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, turbulence in the world's financial markets became commonplace in 2021. Lockdowns, travel restrictions, infinite money printing by the Federal Reserve, vax mandates and their reversals, and of course, Brandon have all contributed to unprecedented levels of fear and greed in the marketplace.

The traditional Boomer investment strategies of growth asset purchasing, long-term, high-quality equity holding, and the stockpiling of copious hoards of precious metals were put the test in this past year, by bored, work-from-homers who, in lockdown, had nothing better to spend their free government money on than the stock market (and OnlyFans).

These jaded degenerates, self-described retards, autists, and apes began pouring millions into high-risk, high-reward stock option plays.

The most successful man of the movement burst onto the scene in mid-January under his Reddit pseudonym "DeepFuckingValue." DFV's central investment thesis centered around failing video game retailer GameStop (GME), in that there was some serious DFV in a corporate turnaround.

Not unlike Edward Norton's lead character in Fight Club, DFV unwittingly created a "Project Mayhem" of his own. His successful investment strategy took on its own viral life and spread to other beleaguered, highly indebted companies like AMC, Bed Bath and Beyond, Blackberry, and Nakd.

Memes posted on message boards directed the retarded army from one heavily shorted stock to the next, ultimately and somewhat literally breaking the stock market in the pre-dawn hours of January 28, when undercapitalized e-broker Robinhood halted trading of Gamestop shares.

The halt immediately tanked the meme stock prices and a brief market panic ensued. For a few days in late January, the end scene of Fight Club was no longer fantasy, it was prophecy.

In February, after much of the panic subsided, DFV (aka "Roaring Kitty" on Twitter) was called to testify before congress. DFV was revealed to be Keith Gill, a 35-year-old former MassMutual marketer who made nearly $50 million, trading from his basement, naturally.

For creating his own personal "Project Mayhem," and most importantly, for staying retarded longer than many titanic hedge funds like Melvin Capital, White Square, and Harison Capital (RIP) were able to stay solvent, Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty, aka DeepFuckingValue, is 2021's Washington Free Beacon Man of The Year.