2015 Man of the Year: The Llamas

Credit: Twitter
• December 30, 2015 10:00 am


Earlier this year, two llamas started a social media craze after escaping from their owner and running loose in Sun City, Arizona.

The animals were visiting an assisted-living facility for ‘llama therapy’ since they provide a sense of calm for residents there.

"They use them just like you would use dogs, people use miniature horses, any animal that you can get that you know is calm enough to do this," said Karen Freund, who owns the llamas.

But the calm quickly turned to chaos after the trailer door transporting the llamas opened, scaring the animals and prompting four-year old Kahkneeta and one-year-old Laney, to escape. Authorities were forced to go on a wild goose llama chase to capture the animals.

Kahkneeta took the lead, sprinting through the streets of Sun City whilst dodging cars and evading authorities despite many attempts to rein in the animals.

Helicopters patrolled from above while golf carts and onlookers viewed on the ground, until someone with a rope was able to lasso the animals.

"They were so cute, I wanted to go in and get a carrot," said one onlooker. Others took to Twitter coining phrases like "llama drama" and "llow speed chase" to describe the spectacle.

Kahkneeta’s owner says the episode has gone straight to the animal’s head and is worried she might have post-traumatic stress.

"She’s a little harder to handle now," said Karen Freund. "She knows if she takes off, she can do whatever she wants. She was always my llama, and now she holds me accountable for everything that happened."

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