2016 Man of the Year: Billy Bush

Billy BushWhen the 2016 campaign kicked off, no one thought that the most significant Bush in this election would be Billy Bush: No politician nor media member had more impact on 2016 than Billy and that is why he is a 2016 Free Beacon Man of the Year.

2016 Man of the Year: American Men

In the year 2016, men did so much winning they were dangerously close to getting sick from it. First, men handed the keys to the Oval Office to one Donald Trump, preserving a glass ceiling established by their patriarchal forebears in 1776. Despite dire warning that "Women are defeating Donald Trump," and political maps showing "Crooked" Hillary Clinton winning 458 electoral votes in an all-female electorate, the votes of men ended up proving decisive and a much better barometer for the final election results. An all-male electorate would have given Donald Trump 350 electoral votes—he ended up winning 306.

2016 Man of the Year: Colin Powell

Colin PowellAlmost a year before Donald Trump started down that escalator embarking on a crusade to shatter political correctness, there was another brave soul willing to tell it like it is: Colin Powell, who was expressing his thoughts about Hillary Clinton with candor.