WATCH: WFB Reporter Explains How Walmart Pushed Schools To Go Woke

The Washington Free Beacon's Aaron Sibarium appeared Wednesday on Fox News to share his reporting on how Walmart pushed Arkansas public schools to adopt diversity, equity, and inclusion training sessions for teachers.

"When [Walmart] first reached out to Bentonville Public Schools, they offered to put Bentonville in touch with the Racial Equity Institute, which does Walmart's own diversity trainings," Sibarium told Fox News's Brian Kilmeade. "The Racial Equity Institute explicitly says that every aspect of the United States is rooted in white supremacy. ... That was the group that Walmart's head of diversity recommended that all teachers in Bentonville use for teacher training."

Sibarium's report revealed that one of the Walmart-approved teacher trainings pointed to "perfectionism," "a sense of urgency," and "worship of the written word" as examples of "white supremacy culture." It also championed racial preferences as a way to correct white people's "400 years of affirmative action."

"Whatever Walmart has to say about that grant, it's pretty clear that they, as a corporation, are pretty sympathetic to critical race theory and the other ideologies that are now being pushed in public schools as a result of their money," Sibarium said.

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