Fox News Contributor Blames Intern for Tweet Calling Nikki Haley a 'White Woman'

Leslie Marshall / YouTube Screenshot
August 25, 2020

Fox News contributor and Democratic strategist Leslie Marshall called former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley—the daughter of Indian immigrants—a "white woman" on Twitter, before deleting the tweet and blaming the mistake on her interns.

"Says a white woman," said a tweet from Marshall's account, referring to a clip of Haley's Monday night speech at the Republican National Convention. Marshall later said she removed the tweet after she realized it was wrong and blamed an intern for the misstep. The account had retweeted a video of Haley’s speech, in which the former ambassador said the United States was not a racist country.

"Full disclosure it is physically impossible for me to do all of my social media that's why I have staff and interns this was not one of my tweets and it was incorrect so I took it down," Marshall tweeted Monday night.

Marshall later said she has trusted staffers to tweet using her account for years.

"I agree with you on the poor judgement re: the intern- but for years my staff have posted when I’m on vacation, out of town, etc without incident. Now it won’t be happening going forward," Marshall added Tuesday morning.

Marshall has appeared regularly on Fox News as a liberal commentator since 2009 and is also a nationally syndicated talk radio show host.