WATCH: Liberal Networks Fixate on Tucker Carlson While Fox News Covers Democratic Scandals

'Tucker Carlson is the new Donald Trump'

March 18, 2021

Having spent the last four years in a state of psychotic self-righteousness—obsessing over Donald Trump's every utterance to the point of spell-checking his Twitter feed—liberal media networks CNN and MSNBC have been struggling to cope with his absence, especially in the ratings department.

Given their natural affinity for Democratic politicians—even the ones who aren't related to CNN hosts—the liberal networks have been far less focused on the scandals involving Govs. Andrew Cuomo (D., N.Y.) and Gavin Newsom (D., Calif.) or the Biden administration's unprecedented border crisis than they have been on finding "the new Donald Trump."

At least for now, Tucker Carlson fits the bill. The Fox News host has become the latest object of their obsession that fuels the mindless 24-hour punditry some insist on calling "news." CNN's Brian Stelter says that Carlson is "taking Trump's place as right-wing propagandist-in-chief" by feeding his audience "a steady diet of outrage and MAGA memes."

Wow. That sounds like something CNN viewers (and other liberals) should be concerned about, angry even. They should probably tune in to Stelter's show for more insight on why Carlson's outrage is so outrageous.

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