WFB Reporter Explains Why Woke Stanford Law Students Who Tried to Censor Him Are Hypocrites

The Washington Free Beacon's Aaron Sibarium appeared Sunday on Fox News and shared his blunt response to "hypocritical" Stanford Law School students who have demanded their names be removed from his reporting about their controversial activism.

"No way," Sibarium recalled telling organizers of a rowdy student protest that prevented federal circuit court judge Kyle Duncan from speaking at a recent Stanford Federalist Society event, citing his conservative jurisprudence. "We're not going to do that."

"They didn't just shout down a sitting federal judge," Sibarium explained to Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Will Cain. "They also posted the names and faces of ... every [Federalist Society] board member ... around the school in a concerted effort to shame their peers and pressure them out of hosting the event. And then those exact same students emailed me to say, 'Oh, by naming us in the story, you're ginning up harassment.' So, it's really quite hypocritical."

Last week, Lily Bou claimed in a message to the Free Beacon that Sibarium had no right to quote her and other board members of Stanford's chapter of the National Lawyers Guild—which helped organize the protest against Duncan—praising the protesters' conduct as "Stanford Law School at its best." Mary Cate Hickman insisted the Free Beacon "anonymize" footage of a follow-up student protest of Stanford Law School dean Jenny Martinez over her apology to Duncan.

"It's quite concerning because a key precondition for the rule of law is that the law applies equally to everyone. I mean, that's what the law is. And yet, these students seem to think that the rules don't apply to them," Sibarium said on Fox News. "Pretty soon, I think, that double standard is going to be more mainstream among lawyers and judges because these people are going to graduate to become high-powered lawyers and judges."