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‘Run by the Mob’: How Anti-Semites Took Over Stanford’s Campus

Jewish students say they have been harassed and threatened as anti-Semitic protesters camp out on campus green

February 16, 2024

Stanford Law School Taps Organizer of Shout-Down Protest To Help Find New Dean

Matthew Coffin is the leader of an LGBT student group that derailed a Federalist Society event featuring Fifth Circuit judge Kyle Duncan

October 31, 2023

It's Not Just Students: Meet the Professors Leading the Academic Embrace of Hamas

Ohio State's Pranav Jani, a Students for Justice in Palestine faculty adviser, has long praised Palestinian terrorists

October 19, 2023
Stanford University

‘It’s a Gag Order’: California Threatens Researcher Who Testified That Pandemic Closures Hurt Poor Kids

Stanford University's Thomas Dee could face up to $50,000 in fines following testimony

August 10, 2023

Stanford Law School Ousts Diversity Dean Who Egged on Protest of Federal Judge

Tirien Steinbach infamously urged Judge Kyle Duncan to consider whether 'the juice' is 'worth the squeeze.'

July 20, 2023