Rhode Island Dem Arrested for Keying Car With 'Biden Sucks' Sticker

June 26, 2023

A Rhode Island Democratic state senator was arrested last week after allegedly keying the side of a car that had a "Biden Sucks" bumper sticker.

Joshua Miller, who has represented the Providence area since 2007, is charged with vandalism and malicious injury to property after a driver called police to report Miller ran a key along the side of his vehicle. The damaged car's owner noticed a "Re-elect Senator Josh Miller" sticker on a nearby car and identified the Democrat as the suspect to police.

The Fall River Reporter reported the car's owner had an anti-Biden sticker on his back windshield. According to local outlet WJAR, the owner was a supporter of former president Donald Trump.

Miller was confronted by police hours later and denied the crime. He had removed his jacket, and officers asked if he did so to avoid recognition.

"I took my jacket off, that’s not against the law," the Democrat told police.

The Democrat later admitted to the crime when police came to his home. He said the owner of the car, whose name has not been made public, yelled at him and "dared him" to do it. Miller was released on a $1,000 personal recognizance and is scheduled to appear in court next month.

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