Only in San Francisco: Infant Overdoses on Fentanyl at Playground

A billboard in San Francisco / Getty Images
December 2, 2022

A San Francisco infant somehow overdosed on fentanyl while at a playground, multiple sources reported this week.

Ten-month-old Senna Matkovic on Tuesday was crawling through the grass at a San Francisco playground when he "began struggling to breathe and turned blue," according to the New York Post. Paramedics arrived, determined that the child had been exposed to fentanyl, and gave him overdose-reversing Narcan.

Seconds after paramedics administered the medication, "the baby started crying and breathing again," according to the San Francisco Chronicle. He was rushed to a hospital, which discharged him that night. The boy's father, Ivan Matkovic, on Wednesday told the Chronicle that his son was in good health.

Police at the scene said Senna Matkovic's exposure was likely through fentanyl powder, according to Ivan Matkovic.

The news comes as San Francisco faces a fentanyl epidemic that has caused more deaths than COVID-19. The left-wing city's drug problem was one factor behind the successful recall this year of former district attorney Chesa Boudin (D.), a radical leftist who did not oversee a single fentanyl conviction, the Washington Free Beacon reported in May. City spokespeople would not confirm Senna Matkovic's accidental overdose, telling the Chronicle that it is under investigation.

Ahsha Safaí (D.), a member of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors, blasted the city for the incident, calling it "one of the largest breaches of trust of the public."

"If this wasn't a wake-up call, I don't know what is," Safaí said.