California Democrats Pass Bill To Give In-State Tuition to Mexicans Who Live in Mexico

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September 12, 2023

California Democrats passed a bill Monday to give in-state college tuition to some people living in Mexico.

Low-income Mexicans living within 45 miles of the Golden State's border with Mexico would be eligible to pay in-state tuition at certain community colleges in Southern California if Gov. Gavin Newsom (D.) signs the bill. Should the governor approve it, the program would be in effect until 2029, the Associated Press reported. The bill will help the state fill positions that require skilled labor, its proponents say.

"We live in a dynamic border region where we need to educate more students to fill the jobs required for growth," said Assemblyman David Alvarez (D.) when he introduced the bill in February.

In the same session, Democrats also passed a bill that would require self-driving semitrucks to always have a human present to oversee them. Though California has in some respects embraced a move toward self-driving cars—allowing some autonomous taxis in the state—labor unions worried that companies would soon replace human drivers in semis, according to the AP.

Another bill the legislature passed would ban the carrying of concealed weapons in practically all public areas, such as zoos, churches, and museums. Residents would not be allowed to carry in privately owned business open to the public unless the business posts a sign that says guns are allowed.

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