Anti-Police Activist Arrested for Defrauding Donors

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September 25, 2020

The FBI arrested an anti-police activist in Toledo, Ohio, on Friday on federal charges of wire fraud and money laundering.

Tyree Conyers-Page, who led anti-police protests following the death of George Floyd in May, was arrested at his home Friday morning for accepting thousands in donations through a Black Lives Matter Facebook account he created. The FBI accuses Conyers-Page of using $200,000 in donations for personal use, including purchasing a house, clothing, and accessories. 

Conyers-Page established a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2016 under the name Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta after being booted from the official Atlanta chapter of Black Lives Matter. He created a BLMGA Facebook page, through which donors gave money to his nonprofit. Conyers-Page continued to accept donations through the Facebook page after the IRS revoked his nonprofit status last year for repeatedly failing to file as a nonprofit. 

The Toledo Blade reported Friday that Conyers-Page was a "leading figure" at multiple anti-police marches in protests in Toledo this summer with the local activist group Hi-Frequency. Toledo police chief George Kral joined one of his marches on June 1.  

Conyers-Page was arrested at a Toledo city council meeting last year for disrupting the meeting. He became a leader in local anti-police movements—making radio and television appearances as well as meeting with local governments in Toledo and Atlanta—despite being labeled a "fraud" by other activists.

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