Visits to Obamacare Site Plummet

Less than one percent of website visitors enrolled in Obamacare

• October 16, 2013 9:43 am


Obamacare's newly launched website lost nearly 88 percent of visitors in its first two weeks of operation.

The numerous glitches on prevented many users from applying for health insurance under Obamacare, the Washington Post reported.

Out of the 9.47 million unique visitors to the website in the first week, only one million were able to register for an account. Meanwhile, 271,000 successfully logged into their accounts, 196,000 began enrollment, but only 36,000– less than one percent of visitors– were able to fully enroll.

The Post reported:

In a blog post, Millward Brown Digital Vice President Matthew Pace, who called the first week's performance "atrocious," noted that the numbers could change dramatically once the federal government improves how the Web site functions.

"The fact that millions of Americans not only visited the exchanges but also took what actions they could to register and enroll suggests that demand indeed exists for new healthcare options," Pace wrote." As the site improves and more consumers are able to compare their coverage options, they'll decide with their wallets how truly affordable Obamacare turns out to be."

At the moment, Americans' interest in logging on has dropped sharply from the time of the launch. In an interview, Pace compared the initial number of users to the kind of traffic experiences, noting that about 0.9 percent of all online users logged onto during the first week. As of Oct. 13 that reach had declined to 0.1 percent, he said. Last week, he estimated, the site attracted 4.1 million visitors, or less than half of what it garnered during its first week.

Administration officials have not released enrollment numbers, but reported that they had 14.6 million unique visitors since the website's launch through Oct. 1, the Hill reported.

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