The Free Beacon’s 2015 Year in Review

2015 was a tumultuous year, a Washington Free Beacon Supercut shows.

The year was punctuated by major terrorist attacks, notably in Paris and San Bernardino, that forced the West to turn its attention once more to the Middle East. Resurgent terrorist groups like the Islamic State and the Taliban conquered and consolidated territory. Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad consolidated his tenuous grasp on power in the midst of civil war, with a crucial assist from his friends in Moscow. Iran flexed its muscles, anticipating the day that it is freed from sanctions as part of a nuclear accord with the West—and the day, 25 years hence, when its hated foe Israel will, "God willing," no longer exist. Conflict and chaos displaced hundreds of thousands of people, who flooded European borders looking for refuge.

Political outsiders flourished in this troubled global environment. Donald Trump’s nationalism and pugnacious attitude toward elites propelled him to the top of Republican polls. Likewise, Bernie Sanders’s socialist tirades against moneyed interests drew huge crowds from the Democratic Party’s left flank. In Britain, an anti-Western, socialist fossil became leader of Her Majesty’s opposition.

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A fresh but familiar face ascended to the House speakership. An old and familiar face stumbled toward the Democratic nomination for president—and she brought all her old friends, too.

A media professor assaulted the media. An Olympian announced a stunning transformation. A pope popped in for a visit. And much more besides.

As is so often the case, South Park captured the craziness best. But if you’re looking for a quick refresher on 2015, this Supercut is a good place to start.