Tapper Confronts Sanders for Not Keeping Promise to Introduce Single-Payer Legislation

CNN host Jake Tapper confronted Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) on Sunday for breaking his promise to introduce single-payer health care legislation back in March.

Tapper referenced Sanders' interview in March, when the senator said that he was going to introduce his "Medicare-for-all" bill and explain how to pay for it.

"You haven't introduced it yet. Is there a time frame for that because I think the American people, especially the people who want to hear about your plans for single-payer, want to know how exactly it can be paid for," Tapper said.

Sanders acknowledged that Tapper was correct about his proposal and said that he would be delaying the introduction until after the current health care debate.

"Sure, and the answer is we're going to introduce it literally as soon as we're through with this debate. I don't want to confuse the two issues," Sanders said.