Pizza Boy Becomes Pizza Man

Pizza Man / Post Independent

Two days after working for Uncle Pizza, 19 year old Anson Lemmer saved a life in Glenwood, Colorado by performing CPR, the Post Independent reported.

"I called my parents and said this has been the craziest pizza delivery ever. I left a pizza boy and came back a pizza man," Lemmer said.

On his last order of the night on June 15, Lemmer arrived at Valley View Road with a pizza ready to be delivered. Outside the house the pizza was intended for was man turning blue with two other individuals. One person was calling in the incident while the second person attempted to perform CPR.

Immediately after Lemmer approached the house, the two individuals asked if he knew CPR. Lemmer immediately began chest compressions. Luckily, Lemmer had been trained in CPR a year prior to the event.

Within 15 minutes, the EMT’s from the Glenwood Fire Department took over.

"I felt a couple of ribs break. He’s going to wake up with sore ribs."

When the man began to wheezily breathe, Lemmer knew to step aside. He was then taken to Valley View Hospital. His information is unknown.

"They didn’t want the pizza after that, of course."