Obamacare Enrollments May Not Be Real

people try to sign up for health care
People try to sign up for health care through the Affordable Care Act in Illinois / AP

Obama administration officials admitted Monday that roughly 126,000 Americans who successfully navigated the Obamacare website and enrolled in a new health insurance plan might not have officially signed up for their plans, ABC News reports.

Technical problems surrounding the transfer of an applicant’s personal information from the federal marketplace to the selected insurance company have plagued the system since its launch, making it difficult for insurers to finalize some enrollments. The 834 forms that issuers receive from the system have been riddled with errors, including often duplicate or incomplete information.

While the front-end of the website has been vastly improved, the back-end glitches remain a serious concern, IT experts and industry officials say.

The Obama administration suggests individuals who were told by the website that they had successfully signed up should contact their insurance to ensure their coverage actually exists. If it does not, individuals would have to start the process over again.