Morning Joe: Jealous, Weak Bill Clinton Should Be Taken off Campaign Trail


Panelists on MSNBC’s Morning Joe called for Bill Clinton to be taken off the campaign trail on Thursday after the furor he caused this week by calling Obamacare "the craziest thing in the world."

They portrayed the former president as envious of President Obama’s popularity and said he was doing harm to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

"What’s stunning is they’re still letting him out there," marketing expert Donny Deutsch said.

"You’ve got to take him off the campaign," host Joe Scarborough said.

Clinton has tried to walk back his remarks that criticized President Obama’s signature law, saying he always supported it. Morning Joe played a montage of some of Clinton’s missteps on behalf of his wife during the 2016 election season, including referring to the Obama administration’s two terms as an "awful legacy."

Panelist Willie Geist was reminded of Bill Clinton’s antipathy toward Barack Obama during the latter’s surprising run to the Democratic nomination and how he potentially feels Obama "stole his thunder."

"I think he’s concerned, 50 years from now, they’re going to look back at the Obama presidency with tremendous impact, as far as Obamacare and bin Laden, and they’re going to look back at the Clinton presidency with Monica Lewinsky," Deutsch said.

Whether Republicans and Independents liked it or not, Scarborough said, Obama will be looked back on as a transformative president, and "Bill Clinton knows that, and it’s driving him crazy."

"Why is he still on the campaign trail?" Scarborough asked. "At some point, they gave Joe Biden an iPod and earphones and put him on a plane and flew him around. When are they going to do that to Bill Clinton?"

Deutsch added that Clinton looks "so unstrong" compared to Republican nominee Donald Trump.

"He looks weak," he said. "He’s got to move on."

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