MN Dems Laugh When Asked Why Obamacare Doesn’t Save Families Money

During a panel at South Central College in Mankato, MN Wednesday, Senator Amy Klobuchar and Reps. Tim Walz and Collin Peterson fielded questions on a range of issues, including the farm bill, the national debt, and immigration reform. But the most notable question was on Obamacare.

"I thought the Affordable Care Act would save $2,500 per family," a constituent asked. "What happened?"

Klobuchar and Walz looked at each other sheepishly, before laughing uncomfortably. Peterson said, "Well I voted ‘no’, so I’ll let these guys handle that," eliciting laughter and applause from the crowd.

Klobuchar and Walz could only say that the law did need to be fixed in some areas, but could not answer why the President’s promise that families would save an average of $2,500 under Obamacare has largely proven false.

(h/t Hot Air)