Kansas City Public School Thwarted From Filing Bogus Charges Against Homeschool Family


The Home School Legal Defense Association foiled a Kansas City public school's attempt to issue a former student spurious truancy charges when his parents turned to homeschooling.

In some states, parents who choose to homeschool must go through certain legal measures before removing their child from public school. But even though the family followed the law, that still wasn't enough for their child's former school.

HSLDA is a nonprofit advocacy group that defends homeschooling families' right to teach their children without government intervention.

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HSLDA recounts the case:

In February, a Kansas City family sent a letter withdrawing their son from public school, filed with the state department of education as a private school, and began homeschooling.

In May, the family received a letter from the public school telling them that their son had been referred to the district attorney’s office for truancy. When a social worker called the family, they asked HSLDA for help.

Senior Counsel Scott A. Woodruff wrote a letter to the social worker. He explained that the family never should have been referred for truancy. He said that the family was in full compliance with Kansas law related to homeschooling.

Neither the school, the district attorney’s office, nor the social worker contacted the family again.