Michigan Concealed Carrier Who Stopped Stabbing Honored by City

"If someone needs help, you help them"

Didarul Sarder / Screencapture
• February 23, 2016 5:42 pm


The Michigan man who saved a General Motors employee who was being stabbed by her daughter has been honored by the city where the attack occurred.

Didarul Sarter drew his legally concealed firearm and commanded the knife-wielding attacker to stop earlier this month. The victim, who suffered multiple stab wounds, was hospitalized but survived.

"On behalf of the people of the city of Warren, do hereby extend to Didarul Sarter sincere congratulations on his strength, courage, and heroism in helping others in a time of need and saving a life," Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said at a ceremony on Thursday honoring Sarter's actions, according to Fox 2.

"Two other valet drivers came knocking on the door, saying they need help," Sarder said of the attack. "I went out there without knowing what the situation was. It's something I never thought I'd experience. To see someone being attacked so viciously in my life."

Sarder said he was glad he didn't have to shoot the attacker.

"If I can neutralize the threat without having to fire, get to save the victim's life and the suspect's life," Sarder said.

A controversy erupted shortly after the attack when, Sarder said, an official from GM demanded that the valet company where he works fire him for having a gun on company property. GM said that claim wasn't true and Sarder was never fired. Instead, GM said, Sarder was suspended with pay while the incident was investigated. Sarder has since returned to work.

He said that the uncertainty surrounding his job had no impact on whether or not he would intervene to help somebody else in the future.

"If someone needs help, you help them."

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