Michael Warren: Politics of Obamacare Not Going Away in 2014

'It's not going to go away in 2014 once they fix this website'

Michael Warren of The Weekly Standard said the politics behind the embattled healthcare reform law will not go away after the website is fixed Tuesday on Fox News.

Warren noted even if the administration overcomes the tall task of fixing the website by the end of November, once consumers begin to log on they will see fewer options and higher premiums in the exchanges.

The ensuing pushback from the public means Obamacare will not go away as a political issue going into 2014, Warren said:

JENNA LEE: […] What kind of impact can the Senate Democrats really have? Could there potentially be changes to the healthcare law with the momentum that's gathering in the Senate?

MICHAEL WARREN: Look. It's possible. The Republicans are, of course, all sort of united in delaying and repealing and changing whatever the law is currently. And now they've got these allies in Senate Democrats, like Mary Landrieu. So we'll see but the real issue here is that the problems with Obamacare aren't going away any time soon. Even if they fix this website which presumably they will, I don't know if they're going to be able to finish it by the end of November like they say. But even if they do this and people are able to log in and get health insurance, they're going to find out that as you've been saying on this program that their premiums are going to be higher, they'll have fewer options to buy health insurance and so as a political issue, it's not going to go away in 2014 once they fix this website.