King: Snowden a Traitor Who Has Harmed Our Country

'Al Qaeda and its allies now know with great exactitude what we're doing and how we're doing it'

Representative Pete King (R., N.Y.) called Edward Snowden, a former NSA employee who leaked classified information, a traitor who's actions have jeopardized American national security Tuesday night.

King claimed that by releasing information of a secretive NSA program Snowden has revealed to al Qaeda American intelligence agencies use to protect the United States from attacks.

"They were not aware, or could not have been aware of the number of details that have come out, and that to me is certainly putting american lives at risk by giving the enemy such detail about what we are doing," King told CNN‘s Anderson Cooper. "That enables them to adjust their tactics and strategies, and that is very damaging to america."

Snowden fled to Hong Kong in search of a safe haven from American authorities after leaking information to news organizations about NSA's PRISM program that gathers and monitors American telephone records.