J Street Touring Israel with Donors, Members of Congress


A liberal Middle East advocacy organization long accused of pursuing an anti-Israel agenda is currently touring the Jewish state with several members of Congress and organizational donors, according to information provided to the Washington Free Beacon.

J Street, a lobbying outfit that seeks to pressure and criticize Israel, has brought at least three members of Congress along on its visit, according to sources.

They include longtime Israel critic Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.), as well as Reps. Karen Bass (D., Calif.), and Don Beyer (D., Va.), who currently holds the seat vacated by former lawmaker and Israel critic Jim Moran.

Top J Street officials, including J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami, are leading the trip.

Other J Street staffers in attendance include: Madeleine Cereghino, Alon Mazor, Adina Vogel-Ayalon, Yael Patir, and Ruti Melnik, who is hosting the junket, sources said.

Prominent J Street donors and board members also are participating on the trip.

They include board members Virginia Gordon, Richard Goldwasser, and Sylvia Kaplan, as well as donors Jon Greenwald, Gabriele Greenwald, Marilyn Katz, Julia Slavin, Jessica Arnholz, and Sam Kaplan.