Israeli President Makes Appeal to EU Over Circumcision Resolution

European flags / Wikimedia Commons

Israeli President Shimon Peres sent a letter to the secretary general of the Council of Europe asking him to change the council’s resolution against circumcision, Israel Hayom reports.

"The ritual of male circumcision has been practiced by Jewish communities for thousands of years and is a fundamental element of our tradition and obligation as Jews. The Jewish communities across Europe would be greatly afflicted to see their cultural and religious freedom impeded upon by the Council of Europe, an institution devoted to the protection of these very rights. I therefore urge the members of this distinguished assembly to reconsider this resolution," Peres wrote in the missive. […]

Last week, the council voted in favor of a nonbinding resolution calling male ritual circumcision a "violation of the physical integrity of children." The vote was carried 78-13.

The Foreign Ministry criticized the resolution, saying it "cast a moral stain" on the council and that it "fosters hate and racist trends in Europe." It further urged the council to annul its decision without delay.